Emrald Labs Iso Clear 2kg



  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Primed to help lean muscle grow
  • Supports the health of bones and joints
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High quality protein to preserve and build lean muscle mass whilst supporting healthy skin, bones and joints.

Emrald Labs Iso Clear is a product unlike anything you’ve tried before. Containing a combination of both Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides and Whey Protein Isolate to give you the benefits of two different proteins without the milky protein consistency. Iso Clear is a watery, refreshing consistency making it perfect for those who don’t like milky protein shakes.

This protein can be taken morning, noon or night but is best taken post workout. Due to its combination of high quality ingredients, Iso Clear is a great recovery supplement designed to help you push through those workouts and build lean muscle mass. Additional benefits of collagen include its ability to improve the health of your hair, skin, nail and joints.

  • No nasties = no stomach discomfort
  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Healthy snack
  • Primed to help lean muscle grow
  • 24g of protein per serve
  • Support healthy bones and joints
  • Recovery
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, nails and joints

Available in 3 mouth watering flavours: Blue Raspberry | Mango Passionfruit | Watermelon


Add 1 scoop into 350ml-450ml of water and shake well. Take 1 serve daily.


Please Note: It has come to our attention there is a labelling error stating GLUTEN where it should state POTASSIUM. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.


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