• Enhance Athletic Performance & Overall Health
  • May Reduce Feelings Of Stress & Anxiety
  • Increase Energy Levels & Vitality
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Recover from life with ADRENAL switch! Whether you are up early, working hard or just active, just one serve will give you all the right stuff to recover faster, increase sleep & mood and promote a feeling of general health & wellbeing.

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch is your ultimate rest & recovery supplement. Utilising key ingredients designed to:

  • Decrease Stress
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Hormonal Support
  • May Assist With Weight Management
  • Improve Performance
  • Build Muscle & Increase Strength
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Enhance Recovery

Adrenal Switch can be used by anyone not just fitness enthusiasts. If you are overworking, stressed or suffering from fatigue Adrenal Switch is perfect for you. Customers all over Australia have cited incredible results with one serve prior to bed.

ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6) is clinically dosed for muscle recovery and regulating hormones.

Ashwagandha has been touted as the wonder ingredients due to its potent reduction of cortisol (stress) and benefits to your adrenal glands. This has been shown to greatly improve caffeine sensitivity.

Healthy Hot Chocolate?

Simply mix a serve of ADRENAL SWITCH Chocolate flavour to hot water and drink before bed! You have yourself a healthy, low calorie hot chocolate alternative that will have you relaxed, calm and ready for sleep!

Directions for Use

One serve mixed with water immediately after exercise for enhanced recovery.

One serve mixed with water (cold or hot) and consumed before sleep. You can even add a dash of your milk of choice for a creamier option!

Supplement Facts



The information provided on this webpage is not intended to be medical advice or to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

This product should not be used to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition and is not to be used for therapeutic purposes (unless the product has been entered on the Australian Registrar of Therapeutic Goods).

We make no guarantee as to the results that you may experience from using this product or the information we make available on this webpage. Your results will depend on many factors, including but not limited to your age, gender, other products used, health history, exercise regimen, lifestyle and diet.

Please check with your health practitioner before making any changes to your diet or taking supplements, especially if you are pregnant, lactating or have a health condition. Always read directions for use carefully.

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