• 12g of protein per serve
  • 98% Sugar Free & 97% Fat Free
  • 2.4g Source of dietary fibre per serve
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Are you looking to build up your protein intake but hate milky protein shakes? Or are just looking for a delicious, protein-filled snack? Then look no further because Muscle Nation have just come out with an easy to make, protein pancake mix.

Pancakes can be viewed as unhealthy, or not beneficial for you by many. Muscle Nations protein pancakes are full of fibre and are 98% sugar free and 97% fat free. WOW! This makes them the perfect breakfast, snack or night time treat.

  • Light & fluffy
  • 12g of protein per serve
  • 98% Sugar Free
  • 2.4g of fibre per serve
  • Quick & easy to make – in minutes!!
  • 97% Fat Free
  • Makes 8-10 pancakes
  • Made in Australia

These fluffy pancakes are unflavoured, giving you the original pancake flavour and allowing you to put on your favourite toppings!


The protein pancakes come in an easy to mix and convenient bottle. Simply add water or lite milk, and shake.


See detailed preparation instructions below.


1. Preheat frying pan and grease well.


2. Shake bottle to loosen dry mix.


3. Remove lid. Do not discard.


4. Add 300mL of water OR 350mL of lite milk to bottle. Screw lid on tightly.


5. Turn bottle upside down and tap sharply on bench to loosen mix.


6. Shake bottle well for 1-2 minutes.


7. Pour batter into frying pan to desired size (approx 8-10cm). Cook over low to medium heat for 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.


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