• Increase Your Lean Muscle Mass
  • Optimise Muscle Recovery
  • Improve your strength
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Do you have trouble keeping weight on? Are you someone who loses weight no matter what? Post Mass is the perfect option to keep you gaining muscle and refraining from losing too much mass, even if you’re training a lot ????

Post Mass is a weight gainer designed by Emrald Labs. It’s in the name really, weight gainers are designed to help you gain weight. Sometimes, it can be hard to fit so many calories into a day. Post mass has 634 calories and 27.9g of protein included in its comprehensive formula. This will allow you to gain the muscle and size you have been searching for!

  • Improve your strength ????
  • Increase your lean muscle mass
  • Optimise your muscle recovery
  • Help your digestive system
  • Improve heart health ❤️
  • Ease your muscle soreness
  • Increase your energy ⚡

Important Ingredients You Should Know About:

1.5g Creatine – The most well researched supplement in the world. Increases power output within the muscle, and helps to build lean mass.

Bromelain – Fights swelling and inflammation.

Papain – Extracted from the papaya plant, it helps with digestion and eases muscle soreness.

Amylase – Improves your digestion and gives you more energy.

It can be really difficult to gain weight. When people say “just eat more” after you’ve had 3 pizzas and 5 blocks of chocolate, you think, “I can’t fit anything else in, what now?”. Well, Elite Supplements has you completely covered. Post Mass is the ideal weight gainer that will finally solve your gain problems!


Take 2 scoops post training with water. Take an additional 2 scoops prior to bed with milk. 4-8 scoops a day is the ideal way to gain mass.


Please Note: This is a nutrition panel for a specific size and flavour and may reflect a different variant to the one you have selected. Ingredients may vary depending on flavour and size. Please reach out to our customer service team for any questions about a specific variant.

2.2kg – 14 Serves


6.4kg – 40 Serves


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