• Supports healthy brain function
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Improves liver health
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Unlock the power of wellbeing with L-Glycine! A natural supplement that supports healthy brain function and improves sleep and mood. Increase your energy and vitality with improved liver health. Put your health first and feel the difference!

Glycine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in your body and is also found in various protein-rich foods. Glycine helps support healthy brain function, memory and cognitive abilities. It also plays a key role in the synthesis of essential proteins and enzymes, which are vital for maintaining healthy muscle, tissues and organs.

  • Supports healthy brain function
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Improves liver health
  • Naturally occuring amino acid
  • Helps the synthesis of essential proteins and enzymes
  • Supports skin health

Additonally, Glycine has a positive impact on sleep quality and mood. Glycine has been linked to improved sleep patterns by promoting relaxation and reducing the time it takes you to fall asleep. Its ability to act as a neurotransmitter helps regulate mood and may reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. Glycine has also been associated with improving your liver health. It aids in the detoxification process by supporting the liver’s ability to neutralise toxins and harmful substances.



Mix 1 scoop with water, once daily, or as directed by your health professional.


Please Note: Ingredients may vary depending on flavour. Please reach out to our customer service team for any questions.


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